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Because we manage vessels that operate and trade across the world our approach to Risk Management policies and protocols are specifically tailored to meet the diverse challenges of a worldwide operational business model.

Our priority is always to prevent unforeseen incidents, protecting the interests of our Owners, Clients and Seafarers and ensuring that their reputations remain intact and financially sustainable. 

Our sophisticated Risk Management System and Risk Reduction Methodology are combined with the analysis of tailored intelligence and the implementation of progressive, pragmatic risk control and reduction measures to achieve the following principles from our Safety Management System:   

  • To fulfil our moral duty of care to ensure the safety and security of all our seafarers, vessels and cargos
  • To meet our legal responsibilities to ensure compliance with all appropriate international, national and port specific laws and regulations
  • To protect the interests and undertakings of our owners and clients to realise our economic responsibilities and avoid unnecessary injury to seafarers and damage to vessels, cargo and environment.

This comprehensive and holistic approach to Risk Management is designed to produce a business model where risk is maintained at a level As Low As is Reasonably Practical (ALARP).

What matters to us most is the quality of service, the safety of our people and the reputation of Northern Marine as a provider of first class ship management services.